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2113 Delaware Street
Lawrence, Kansas, 66046


Semi-Independent Living Network (SLN)

The SLN provides scheduled and “on-demand” support for higher functioning, semi-independent people with DDs living in an “intentional” neighborhood community.  Safe neighborhoods are selected based upon the availability of resources and additional supports are added to become part of the fabric of the “intentional” neighborhood. 

At the centerpiece of these supports are professional families and mentors who permanently live within this neighborhood with their family.  They receive a salary and are provided a tax-free home which maximally leverage funding for services that ebb and flow around individual need. Their sole purpose is to mentor, teach, and support the SLN residents. Existing paid and volunteer talent and resources are identified or recruited from within or near the neighborhood to add additional affordable support. In the end, a perfectly selected neighborhood is infused with paid and unpaid caregivers, mentors, health professionals, and advocates and friends who provide care and support to its members in need. 

People supported by the SLN live in one or two bedroom apartments, town-homes, condos, or similar community homes near one another. The DD adults usually work, attend school, and navigate the community. The SLN is fully supported by HomeLink Support Technologies and each home is interactively monitored, a full range of remote supports are provided, and on-site supports are deployed by HomeLink as needed to meet needs that cannot be remotely met.