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2113 Delaware Street
Lawrence, Kansas, 66046


On-Demand Clinical Supports

The Neighborhood Network provides on-demand remote and in-home clinical services through HomeLink.  Necessary clinical services such as behavioral supports will be provided when and where needed. Support staff will be able to push a button to “DVR” or record instances of a very challenging behavior as they occur and then allow remote Board Certified Behavior Analysts the opportunity to examine a collection of these archived recording retrospectively (or even in real-time), so that effective interventions can be developed remotely.  Remote sensors for health or behavior needs (elopement, self-injury, health vitals, etc.) will be installed in community homes to alert remote or on-site staff of an emerging need.  On site staff will have the ability to be remotely coached or train through ear-bud technology exactly when that training is needed to better meet a need.  These kinds of remote clinical supports are extremely cost-effective because they utilize the skills of the highly paid professionals only when needed rather than at scheduled times when the need may not be present.  Clinical services combined with HomeLink make remote clinical supports possible, and it is a critical component of NYNN that improves outcomes and reduces costs.