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2113 Delaware Street
Lawrence, Kansas, 66046

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About Us

The Neighborhood Network is a program developed and managed by CLO, Inc. - an organization with more than 40 years of experience and rich history of excellence and innovation.

Community Living Opportunities, Inc. in collaboration with key faculty members in the Department of Applied Behavioral Science at the University of Kansas, CLO has long been a leader in the development and implementation of unique and effective service models, including the Family Teaching Model, the Professional Family Teaching Model, iLink Support Technologies, and the Neighborhood Network.

 Throughout our history, CLO has worked hard to develop, incorporate, adapt and utilize best-practice and evidence-based technology within our models and services.  We also have a long and successful track record of disseminating our models and services nationally to meet the lifespan needs of dependent persons the families who support them.  In fact, creating and disseminating best-practice service models and integrated support programs are a central focus of our mission.

 The demand for expanding CLO’s  Neighborhood Network is great and interest is growing for states, providers, and families, because this approach is an affordable solution for meeting the needs of a variety of populations who want best-practice support to lead enriched lives within the community or live semi-independently in their own home.  

CLO's Neighborhood Network uses a nationally regarded and evidence-based quality assurance model for certifying service quality to these standards, as well as individual, person-centered outcomes. This approach provides training, coaching, professional evaluations, and consumer satisfaction evaluations that work together as a “certification” program. Professional Families or Family Teachers must be certified annually as a requirement placement in an extended family teaching home or as a condition of employment.

The following eleven outcomes are evaluated to ensure that the highest quality of services are met:

·       Pleasant and safe surroundings

·       Observance of legal and personal rights

·       Positive relationships with others

·       Living healthy lifestyles

·       Opportunities for choice and control

·       Effective learning opportunities

·       High level of participation in daily experiences

·       Community involvement

·       Effective communication

·       Pleasant social environment

·       Satisfied consumers