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Family Supports



Many families need help in order to allow them to provide support to a  special need or dependent child or family member in their home.  This can range from in-home coaching and mentoring, behavioral support, elopement prevention, remote heath support,  continence or seizure monitoring, monitoring and support for a stay at home aging parent when the support family is away at work,  remotely supervising respite support, or perhaps just a good night sleep, knowing that a dependent with significant needs is being well monitored while you sleep.   All this can be the difference between being able to live a “good life” and “make it work” or not.  The Family Matters remote support service is another best practice service developed by Community Living Opportunities, Inc. (CLO).  The Family Matters program can do all this and more to support your family all while assuring your privacy and quality of life.



The HomeLink “Family Matters” support service is now seamlessly combined with a nationally-regarded children and adult professional foster program called the Extended-Family Teaching Model (EFT)another best practice service model developed byCommunity Living Opportunities, Inc (CLO).

The EFT model is essentially a highly specialized adult foster support model, which utilizes a nationally regarded staff training, coaching, and quality certification process that has been refined across 30 years to meet the needs of adults and children with special needs ranging from autism, intellectual disabilities, and other developmental disabilities.   This model leverages funding to benefit persons supported by providing tax-exempt payments for care combined with a toolbox of family enhancement support services.  This model was created by CLO to provide the most consistent and high quality person-centered care possible for DD people with a range of challenging needs.  The EFT model historically achieves the highest outcomes of care on 10 well-researched quality of life outcomes.  The EFT model also achieves consumer satisfaction ratings exceeding 97% annually, with guardians and families.  Additionally, EFT turnover rates continue to be less than 3% annually, since 1999.

The EFT combined with the Family Matters Support program allows Foster families to get the support they need to meet the needs of adults and children with challenging needs.  This program also allows foster families to allow remote home visits into their home to meet, provide training and coaching, and to more cost-effectively provide better and more frequent home reviews.