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2113 Delaware Street
Lawrence, Kansas, 66046


Extended Family Teaching Program

The EFT is essentially a highly specialized foster home where a DD adult or child with a range of challenging needs lives with a caring, professionally trained and supported family who supervise, support, and teach the DD as an extended family member. This model leverages funding to benefit DD adults by providing EFT families with a tax-exempt payments for care combined with a toolbox of support services.  The EFT program historically achieves the highest outcomes of care on 11 quality outcomes.  Consumer satisfaction ratings from guardians and families of persons served exceed 97% annually. Turnover rates continue to be less than 3% annually, since 1999, compared with a 75% national turnover rate for shift care workers. EFTs are supported by HomeLink Support Technologies which provides or connects a range remote and on-demand supports that are fully self-directed by EFT families to ensure the complete privacy expected in a private home setting.