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Lawrence, Kansas, 66046


Neighborhood Network


The Neighborhood Network seamlessly combines iLink Support Technologies with a supported living network of highly trained professional, immediately deployable “on-demand” support.  The goal of this next generation service strategy is to affordably maximize independence, safety, privacy, and quality of life.

Persons supported by a supported living network live in a typical neighborhood community in apartments, town-homes, condominiums, or similar homes and are supported by staff living within that same community.  Live-in, fulltime, certified professional staff persons, are augmented by relief staff who receive training for achieving quality service outcomes, and certification annually. In addition to this support, a “Neighborhood Network” further enhances the Supported Living support system.  The Neighborhood Network is a cultivated social network of neighbors and friends who strategically enrich the lives of the community members.

Add to all this, iLink Support Technologies, which remotely connects behavioral analysts; professionals that provide real-time remote coaching and support; and health professionals including nurses and physician’s assistants right through the living room television or through interactive conversations throughout the home. iLink can remotely collect vitals or behavioral data in real time and then provide this information to the right professionals who can develop plans and provide training and support remotely.

This cutting edge program can also connect its members or family members to each other right through the living room television.  People who live alone or are restricted to travel outside their home may become lonely. It certainly helps to have the ability to have iLink connect one person to another, TV to TV, and simply facilitate good conversation and friendship.  A son or daughter might feel better knowing that they can have video conversations on their computer or from their own living room TV with their aging parents on their living room TV to see how they are doing.

In our Neighborhood Network you can press a button or answer a virtual knock asking if you need something. Your response could be as simple as: “Yes, I need someone to help me take a shower.”  Or, “Can you have my lawn mowed next Tuesday?”  Or, “I need some shopping done.”  Or perhaps, “I’m not feeling well can you have the nurse visit me on my TV to talk and take my vitals?”  Or maybe, “come by for a visit?”

The Neighborhood Network offers another solution for families who need help in order to allow them to stay in their home safely or to provide support to a special need or dependent child or family member in their home.  Support can range from in-home coaching and mentoring, behavioral support, elopement prevention, remote health support, continence or seizure monitoring, monitoring and support for a stay at home aging parent when the support family is away at work, remotely supervising respite support, or perhaps just a good night sleep, knowing that a dependent with significant needs is being well monitored while you sleep.   All this can be the difference between being able to live a “good life” and “make it work” or not.  The Neighborhood Network can do all this and more to support your family all while assuring your privacy and quality of life.