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2113 Delaware Street
Lawrence, Kansas, 66046


Welcome to CLO's Neighborhood Network

CLO's Neighborhood Network's mission is to create intentional and purpose-driven "smart" neighborhoods that utilize innovative support models of care to affordably enrich and support a fulfilling community life for its members with special needs.

The Neighborhood Network (NN)  is an innovative support model for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, seniors, people with autism spectrum disorders, and people who are visually or hearing impaired, living semi-independently. The NN is tailored for individuals who require occasional support overnight or planned or deployed supports through the day.

The Neighborhood Network offers a new paradigm of next-generation services by providing services that ebb and flow around need using non-traditional, highly stable support strategies. NN on-site supports are arranged, coordinated, and largely provided by family teachers who are employees of CLO and permanently live within this neighborhood with their own family. Their sole purpose is to mentor, teach, and support the Neigborhood Network residents. iLink Support Technologies offers another layer of support for the NN. iLink is a breakthrough combination of advanced security, smart home, and communications technologies, combined with specially trained professionals who provide remote “personalized coaching” and deployed support.

Discover what the life of  Neighborhood Network residents looks like:


If you know someone with special needs who may be interested in being a part of our semi-independent program, click here