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In-Home Remote Supports

 For well over a decade, HomeLink Support Technologies has pioneered a new service paradigm in meeting the needs of dependent populations and families in need of “on-demand” in-home support.  This new service paradigm combines best practice technology, with best practice service models and professionals that provide the right support when and where needed—“on demand.”

HomeLink Support Technologies is a breakthrough combination of advanced security, smart home, communications technologies, and specially trained personnel who provide remote, personalized coaching and deployed support to homes in a local region. HomeLink offers practically unlimited options for supporting people with special needs in the community.

HomeLink delivers health-care and behavioral support, home security, in-home care, and emergency support to a home when needed.  Think of it as a virtual concierge: HomeLink can be used to arrange shopping or laundry services, assist in preparing a meal, answer questions, offer medication reminders, monitor seizures, record instances of challenging behaviors for later analysis, remotely conduct and record fire drills, respond to night-time needs, serve as a virtual doorman to guard against stranger danger, monitor and remotely supervise live-in attendants or home maintenance techninicians, and/or assist in-home caregivers.

What differentiates HomeLink from other approaches is its guiding vision to be as personal and “present” as possible.  HomeLink staff, called remote coaches, spend significant time with the people they support, in person and virtually.  Using home televisions that are part of a living room entertainment system and intercoms, the remote coaches converse and interact with their clients as if they are there in person. Through HomeLink, remote coaches can virtually “knock,” check in according to a schedule, be alerted by critical health or behavioral sensors, or be ever-present, all depending upon need.

The HomeLink monitoring center, where the remote coaches are stationed, is located within the region they support and each remote coach has a relatively small caseload of homes.  Often, remote coaches have previous experience as long-term caregivers, so they are familiar with the individuals they support, other CLO professional staff, and agency policies and procedures. This gives them the insight it takes to determine when in-person support is preferable to remote, virtual support.

HomeLink Support Technologies are tailored to “fit” and leverage CLO’s various community living models. Privacy protocols differ according to the setting/model, support needs, and abilities of persons served to self-direct services.

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